Human Rights and
International Democratic Solidarity


Liliana De Riz
Liliana De Riz
Academic Advisor
Sociologist with Honors (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and PhD in Sociology at the University of Paris. Professor at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and Researcher at CONICET. Former coordinator and head writer of the Human Development Reports for Argentina between 2002 and 2005. Latin-American politics expert, she studied electoral systems, political parties, public policy and human development. Some of her books are Sociedad y política en Chile: de Portales a Pinochet (1979), Radicales y Peronistas: el Congreso Nacional entre 1983 y 1989 (1994) and La política en suspenso 1966-1976 (2000). She was awarded the prize for Excelency in public policy impact by UNDP (2004) and the Konex prize in political science (1996).