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The Executive Director of Cubalex visited Buenos Aires

The Cuban lawyer and activist Laritza Diversent, Executive Director of Cubalex, currently in exile in the United States, visited Buenos Aires between March 7 and 14, 2020. During her stay in the city, she met with a group of National Deputies, the authorities of the Buenos Aires Bar Association, representatives of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, participated in a workshop with other activists from the region and in a public conference on challenges to human rights activism in Latin America. During her stay in the capital of Argentina, Diversent was interviewed by Clarín and Infobae.

Invited by CADAL to participate in the Regional Meeting on Freedom of Association in Human Rights Activism and Press Freedom, Diversent was in Buenos Aires for a week. In the framework of this event, the lawyer participated as a speaker both in the closed workshop and in the Public Conference on Tuesday, March 10, presenting the serious situation in Cuba of the mentioned rights and the harassment suffered by Cubalex.


Laritza Diversent - Daniel Sabsay

During her stay in Buenos Aires, Diversent gave interviews to two national newspapers. On the one hand, she was interviewed by Clarín about the Cuban government's measures against the Coronavirus. On the other hand, she was also interviewed by regarding the Venezuelan crisis, its similarities and differences with the situation in Cuba, and the lack of action by the international community.

Diversent se reunió con autoridades del Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (CACBA)

The Cuban lawyer and activist also had the opportunity to meet with different organizations in Buenos Aires. On March 12, Diversent met with authorities of the Buenos Aires BAR Association (in Spanish, CACBA), accompanied by the Institutional Relations Director of CADAL Brian Schapira. On behalf of CACBA, Executive Director Fernando Fravega, Vice-President of the Constitutional Law Commission Alfredo Vitolo and other lawyers of the organization were present. Diversent presented the limitations to freedom of association in Cuba, as well as the obstacles to the practice of the profession in an independent way. CACBA referents stated that this meeting was very valuable, allowing them access to first-person testimony on the human rights situation in Cuba (CACBA institutional news).

Visitó Buenos Aires la Directora Ejecutiva de Cubalex

During the same day, the lawyer met with a group of National Deputies. During the meeting, Diversent recounted her experience in Cuba as a lawyer and as the Executive Director of a civil organization not recognized by the Cuban government, as well as the events that forced her into exile.

Diversent se reunió con Cecilia Ramos, Oficial de Programas para América Latina de TrustLaw (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

On March 13, Diversent met with Cecilia Ramos, Latin America Program Officer for TrustLaw (Thomson Reuters Foundation). Through this program, non-governmental organizations and social entrepreneurs are connected with the best law firms around the world, in order to provide support both for day-to-day operational issues of the organization and for the development of legal research at a global level, all pro bono. This meeting between Cubalex and TrustLaw was very fruitful, and opened the doors to future possible collaborations between both organizations.


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