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Presentation of the book by Bernardo Sorj: In which world do we live?

CADAL together with NDI, Plataforma Democrática and Red Innovación presented the book ''In what world do we live?'' by Bernardo Sorj, Director of the Edelstein Center for Social Research and professor of sociology at the University of Rio de Janeiro. In the book, the author analyzes the relations of conflict and complementarity between capitalism and democracy, challenging us to think about collective projects that drive humanity towards new civilizing advances. ⁠The event included a debate with the participation of Marcelo Cavarozzi, CONICET principal investigator at the UNSAM School of Politics and Government, and María de los Ángeles Fernández Ramil, president of the Hay Mujeres Foundation and professor at CESUGA. The moderation was in charge of Sabrina Ajmechet, Director of the Academic Council of CADAL.

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