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March 17, 2017

Uruguay: a singular (and changing) democracy

With the participation of Nelson Fernández, journalist, as guest speaker, CADAL held at its headquarters a new meeting Foro Latinoamericano Buenos Aires. This time, “La Nación” (Buenos Aires) permanent correspondent in Uruguay and press director of the TV channel “NSTV – Nuevo Siglo”, tackled in his last book (co-authored by the journalist Hugo Machín) the political and economic situation of Uruguay.

During his presentation, Fernández analyzed the signs identifying the Uruguayan democracy, the new economy after prosperity, the disconnection with the MERCOSUR, the commitment of Tabaré Vázquez to investment and openness, the renewal of political leadership, the “Pepe” Mujica effect, and who could win the next election if Frente Amplio loses.

Nelson Fernández en el evento en CADAL: Uruguay: una democracia única (y cambiante)

Nelson Fernández is a journalist, expert on political and economic issues: university professor and analyst in international consultancies. Since 2000, he has been the permanent correspondent in Uruguay of the newspaper “La Nación” (Buenos Aires). He is also the press director of the TV channel “NSTV – Nuevo Siglo”, where, since 2009, he has conducted the weekly program “Claves Políticas”. He is columnist for “El Observador” of Montevideo, analyst of the British consultancy “Oxford Analytica” and the Spanish website “Infolatam”. Since 2014, he has led the information and analysis service “LEAD/NEWS”, aimed at international organizations, presidents of financial institutions and leading companies.

Nelson Fernández en el evento en CADAL: Uruguay: una democracia única (y cambiante)

Fernández has conducted journalism courses at the University of Columbia (New York), the University of Miami, and at the Ibero-American Foundation of New Journalism (Cartagena de Indias). He has taught courses at Universidad Católica and Universidad ORT of Uruguay, and has published three books on politics and economy: El Gobierno de la Izquierda (2004), Maldita Crisis! (2008), Quién es quién en el Gobierno Mujica (2010), and co-authored Una Democracia Unica – Historia de los partidos políticos y las elecciones de Uruguay, Tomo I Divisas, ideas y partidos y Tomo II Las votaciones y los liderazgos.

Video Nelson Fernández