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Alejandro Di Franco
Alejandro Di Franco
Asistente de Investigaciones
Estudiante de la carrera de Relaciones Internacionales en la Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA). Fue voluntario en el Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales (CARI). Ha participado en varios seminarios y foros con personalidades nacionales e internacionales de la política y la academia.
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6/2/2020 | Articles
(The Global Americans) In recent months, there has been an increasing focus on human rights when discussing the events taking place in Chile. In its report, HRW emphasizes the human rights abuses during last year’s protests committed by Chile’s Carabineros. It also shows how authorities responded to this challenge and the progress (or lack thereof) of these initiatives. It also pays attention to human rights issues that have had a longer history in the country and that continue to affect minorities.

15/1/2020 | Articles
(Global Americans) Under Argentina’s new government, foreign policy decisions based more on ideological affinity than on greater pragmatism could bare serious consequences for the country, more so when dealing with non-democratic countries.

9/9/2019 | Articles
Brazil encompasses many of the problems that affect the region: corruption, street violence, cases of police abuse, and entrenched stereotypes in society that make all these problems in turn become more serious in minorities. In this regard, both Bolsonaro's sayings and his lack of commitment to the progressive agenda do not help to solve the structural problems of Brazil and the country seems to be going in the opposite direction to which it should go.

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