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The International Agenda of Uruguay 2020-2024

In the face of presidential elections in Uruguay, Diego Escuder (National Party), Nelson Fernández (Broad Front), Agustín Milton Espinosa Lloveras (Colorado Party) and Gonzalo Pérez del Castillo (Independent Party) presented the proposals of their foreign policy candidates. This new meeting of the Latin American Forum Buenos Aires was moderated by Sybil Rhodes, president of CADAL, and attended by the Ambassador of Uruguay, Hernán Lescano, and representatives of embassies in Argentina concurrent in Uruguay.

The foreign policy referents of the presidential candidates Daniel Martínez, Luis Lacalle Pou, Ernesto Talvi and Pablo Mieres, analyzed the foreign policy of "Frente Amplio" and the challenges for the new Uruguayan government.

Nelson Fernández - Frente Amplio - Uruguay

Nelson Fernández Bracco joined the team of Mayor Daniel Martínez in July 2015 in the Municipality of Montevideo as Director of International Relations and Cooperation. He previously served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Deputy General Director and General Director for Integration and Mercosur Affairs, General Director for International Economic Affairs, General Director of the Secretariat and Vice Chancellor of the Republic. He is the General Coordinator of the Euro-Latin American Alliance of Cooperation between Cities. He graduated as a Bachelor in International Relations and studied the Master in International Relations and Regional Integration at the Law School of the University of the Republic. He was a member of the professorship of International Trade Organization and Negotiation at the Law School of the University of the Republic. He is a member of the Socialist Party, where he held various responsibilities and is currently a member of the Secretariat of International Relations.

Diego Escuder - Partido Nacional - Uruguay

Diego Escuder is Coordinator of the International Relations Technical Team of the Presidential Candidate for the Luis Lacalle Pou National Party. He is Professor in the Courts of Ascent and Entrance to the Foreign Service in the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a member of the Institute of Public International Law of the University of the Republic and the Uruguayan Council for International Relations. In the academic field, he serves as Coordinator of the Bachelor of International Relations and the Master of Public International Law at the University of the Republic, and Coordinator of the Teaching Group of International Policy and International Relations. He has a Master in International Relations from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and a PhD in Foreign Affairs at USAL in Buenos Aires. He has postgraduate degrees in Integration, Security and Defense.

Agustin Espinosa Lloveras - Partico Colorado - Uruguay

Agustín Milton Espinosa Lloveras is a Doctor of Diplomacy, University of the Republic (Uruguay). Postgraduate in International Law, Hague Academy of International Law. Former ambassador of Uruguay in Germany, Brazil, Egypt, Israel and the United Kingdom. Former representative of Uruguay to Brazil and Bolivia, Ibero-American General Secretariat. Former General Director of Integration, Mercosur, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Former permanent representative of Uruguay before the Latin American Integration Association (Aladi) and Mercosur. Former advisor, general secretary of Aladi. 2018 Prize for Career and Contribution to the Faculty, Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences, Universidad ORT Uruguay. Professor of International Relations and Integration, Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences, Universidad ORT Uruguay.

Gonzalo Perez del Castillo

Gonzalo Pérez del Castillo is an agronomist by profession, joined FAO in 1969, worked for 11 years in the area of ​​development projects and was hired by UNDP as deputy representative in Chile, Peru and then as United Nations Resident Coordinator in El Salvador and Belize, and Bolivia. He returned to Uruguay in 1993 and since then he has conducted numerous United Nations missions in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. He directed the modernization project of the Uruguayan Parliament, he was Director of the Uruguayan chapter of Transparency International and Vice President of the UN Reform Evaluation Committee. He has been part of the radio talk show "En Perspectiva" for thirteen years and the National Executive Board of the Independent Party of Uruguay.


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