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Gabriel C. Salvia
Gabriel C. Salvia
General Director

Journalist. Since 1992 working as a director in Civil Society Organizations and is a founding member of CADAL. He is also a member of the Director’s Committee in Forum 2000’s project for Democratic Solidarity (Czech Republic). President of CADAL Foundation.

His articles on human rights in international relations and democratic governance are regularly published in major news outlets like Clarín, Infobae, Perfil, La Nación and Global Americans. He has also been published in El País (Spain) and has been interviewed by CNN en Español on several occasions.

He compiled four books and wrote one, “Dancing for a mirage: notes on politics, economics and diplomacy during Cristina Fernández de Kirchner”.

As a journalist, he collaborated and investigated in El poder legislativo y su gente and Apertura magazines and worked as a politics and economics pundit at Radio América. He was also a producer of Cablevisión Noticias and El club de los giles for telefe, and published several interviews for El observador, Perfil newspaper.

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18/1/2018 | Documents
In the previous review, carried out in 2013, the Cubangovernment categorically rejected the most relevantrecommendations on their human rights violations, which persist today.

23/11/2004 | Documents
In its relationship with China, Kirchner’s government seems to be decided to apply a sort of pinochetist pragmatism: “economic openning is welcome, leaving aside the great internal repression”. And is curious that this is the foreign policy of a “progressist” government that ensures to have human rights as a priority.

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