Human Rights and
International Democratic Solidarity


Václav Havel Institute

August 21, 2020

Milada Horáková: Defensora de los Derechos Humanos y víctima de los totalitarismos (Milada Horáková: Defender of Human Rights and victim of totalitarianism)

Presentation. Foreword. I Milada Horáková, her training and the years in the First Czechoslovak Republic. II In the resistance to the German occupation and the years in prison. III A voice against communism: Milada Horáková in the Second Republic. IV The trial against Milada Horáková. V The legacy. VI Totalitarianisms. Bibliography. About the author.
By Ricardo López Göttig

"A fascinating narrative of the life of Milada Horáková, an extraordinary and courageous woman, imprisoned by the Nazis and killed by the Communists. Milada's legacy and the complicated, but inspiring history of the young Czechoslovak democracy of the first half of the century XX remind us that the human desire for freedom and a strong character are more powerful than any totalitarianism".

Jakub Klepal, Executive Director Forum 2000 Foundation (Czech Republic)