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December 12, 2016

Venezuela bajo la Revolución Bolivariana: Medios de Comunicación y Libertad de Expresión (Venezuela under the Bolivarian Revolution: Media and Freedom of Expression)

«Cañizález has devoted himself to scrutinizing some of the most socially relevant aspects of communication phenomena, in particular the complex relationships between communication and power. His work is nourished by multiple conceptual and geographical references, but the emphasis of his attention and research has been Venezuela and, as a necessary extension, other Andean countries. The essays that make up this book are about these focuses. From the foreword by Eduardo Ulibarri
By Andrés Cañizález

Chapter I
Public order, national security and criticism of the authorities: Implications for the right to information 9
Chapter II
Media, democracy and freedom of expression in Latin America. A troubled journey 24
Chapter III
Panoramic view of freedom of the press and expression in the Andean countries (2013-2014) 30
Chapter IV
Venezuela: The 2012 presidential elections from the media 56
Chapter V
2013 Report: Freedom of expression and information 81
Chapter VI
The State in pursuit of hegemony over the media. The Chávez Model 101
Chapter VII
Chávez's Legacy: The Mixed-Authoritarian Model in the Media System 123
References 133
Chapter References:
“Panoramic view of freedom of the press and expression in the Andean countries (2013-2014)” 138

Andrés Cañizález
Andrés Cañizález
Consejero Académico
Investigador Titular de la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB, Venezuela). Director de la asociación civil Medianálisis, dedicada a la promoción del periodismo independiente, y de Cotejo.Info, el primer medio de fact-checking de Venezuela. Escribe regularmente en los portales de noticias y análisis El Estímulo, Efecto Cocuyo y Prodavinci.